Contemporary Art Gallery in Wroclaw


solo exhibtion "Someone else" by Pawel Basnik


Competition "POSTAWY (Attitude) is organized among students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Socato

Art Gallery is its partner. The Grand Prix is the solo exhibtion in Socato Art Gallery. This yeat we will

show the art works by Pawel Basnik, student from the prof. Lukasz Huculak workshop.



solo exhibition "NUDE" by Edyta Kowalewska & Martyna Pająk

For six years Socato Art Gallery every year organizes a nationwide competition for graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts. It is called Young Art Review "Fresh Blood". An informal tradition is to organize by the Gallery the solo exhibition of the winners. It is a natural continuation of our efforts to promote young, talented artists. That's why we invite to the exhibtion "NUDE" by Edyta Kowalewska & Martyna Pająk - the winners of the VIth edition of "Fresh Blood".



group exhibition


Juhani Pallasma in his book "The eyes of the skin" says, that hegemony of eyes deprived us multilevel perception. He also points the skin as an important sense of building an image, in feeling the reality. Conceptual art zero many sense while glofifying the eye and the intellect as the most appropriate way to understanding art. Reffering to the considerations of Pallasma, we'll present the art works relating to haptic.



MAY 2017
solo exhibition by Olga Zabron & Mateusz Dabrowski


The exhibition will be next scene of abstract art, and more specifically - geometric abstraction. Presented artists are connected with international group of artist using the language of geometry focused around curator and art historian - prof. Bozena Kowalska. But they create in deifferent disciplines. Olga Zabron is a painter, Mateusz Dabrowski creates graphic-spatial objects. Together they prove that abstract art is far from cold calculation, compass and mathematics.



VII Young Art Review "Fresh Blood"


The review is a nationwide competition for arts graduates who got a degree in the current or preceding year. For young artist it's an opportunity to present their work in the company of their generation, for the public it's a chance to learn about the latest trend in young art.


solo exhibition by Lukasz Huculak


After the presentation of young art, autumn is the time of Socato's classic. This year we will present the newest art works by professor of Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, artist related with our gallery from the begining - Lukasz Huculak.