Contemporary Art Gallery in Wroclaw
About us


Socato Art Gallery was founded in 2009 on the initiative of Wroclaw-based layers Zofia and Rafal Olesinski and Karolina Jaklewicz: artist and curator.  



During the first years of activity, the gallery presented art in selected areas of Wroclaw. After "guest appearances" became the decision about the stationary seat. Since October 2010 gallery was based on St. Olawska 21/7, in the building of the Association of Polish Architects. In 2014 we won the competition, announced by The Union of Polish Artists, to run the Solny Gallery.



The profile of our gallery is based on our fascination of the painting medium - as, despite the presence of new technologies, this hand-crafted art still has a great impact. For us, painting is a field of engaging dialogue with art, with artists, with the audience. Recenntly we also present photography and sculpture. We choose artworks which formal and technical level always deserve the highest recognition. Artworks impressive with courage and sovereign message.


The gallery represents two groups of artists: middle-aged artists with established position and recognizable style and the youngest artist, starting their careers. We have a weak spot for abstraction and art heading towards its. We think that the quiet, focused artworks offers the viewer a wide range of experiences, and the universal language of abstraction is gaining with closer contact.


As a part of our activities we offer artworks for sale, we organize regular curatorial exhibitions in the seats of the gallery, artistic projects in cooperation with cultural institutions, we conduct educational activities for children.


Young artists represented by our gallery are the laureates of the Young Art Review "Fresh Blood" - a competition organized by Socato since 2010. The review is the opportunity for young artists to start a professional artistic career and for the public - the opportunity to keep up the date with young art. The The validity of the choices made during the review is confirmed by the further careers of the laureates.




The Socato Gallery Team:


Rafal and Zofia Olesinscy - co-founders of the gallery. Law office of Rafal Olesinski and partners has been the main patron of the gallery since its begining.


Karolina Jaklewicz - co-founder of the gallery, artist, curator, assistant at the Departament of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture of the Faculty of Architecture in Univeristy of Science in Wroclaw


Magdalena Bobko - gallery manager, coordinator and producer of exhibitions and cultural projects, art historian, PhD candidate at the University of Wrocław


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